Thursday , 23 May 2024
The Tourism Office seated in Antananarivo city also offers treks and visits of the villages of Akamasoa, its brand new type of product. Visitors get the opportunity to discover Father Pedros running charity projects live. Far beyond unusually petty houses and walks over the hill, a taste of a developing humanitarian rescue plan is awaiting. God helps those who help their own selves, does he not? "In Akamasoa, we have given the evidence that faith, passion, goal and will are pledges for solutions to whatever problem comes forth!" Father Pedro dixit.

The villages of Akamasoa, a wonderful humanitarian discovery which increasingly attracts tourists

Job, food, school for children, decent housing and healthcare… changes are noticeable for former hobos, who finally realized that “poverty is no destiny.” This wonderful humanitarian success story turns 25 years old in 2014. The 17 villages erected not far away from the city dump host some 30 000 people in all by now, 12 000 of their children regularly visiting schools. Harmony and peace is granted by a convention which they hold dear. According to Father Pedro Opeka, tourists calling in to Akamasoa endorse the roles of ambassadors for the center when they share their experience. “Not a few of them join the march, become voluntaries and even friends to Father Pedro.”