Thursday , 23 May 2024
The number of local and foreign tourists making for the seaside of Toamasina city is said to have been receding. Local professionals consequently got a move on to restore the eastern coast's fame to what it used to be, hoping this recovery to tip the scales.

Toamasina city in search of a new place under the sun

The seaside of Toamasina city used to be by far the leading destination to holiday makers from Madagascar’s central highlands, namely to Antananarivo city dwellers. Things no longer happen to be what they used to be. The local GITH (Toamasina’s Tourism Professional Group) decides to give it a change. The situation is not critical yet. On the ground, some hotels and resorts had no vacancies any more last year in holiday time. Still, the graph’s figures display a downward trend. The members of the GITH believe the eastern coast to have not lost a single sparkle of its dazzle which regularly seduces tourists. They might have it right, and overlooked as so easily the significant progress achieved over the latest years by the island’s other regions in terms of attractiveness. Majunga and the northwestern seaside as a whole made a big breakthrough, for instance, and they are not the only ones. The GITH may put a low profile up, but Toamasina and its eastern coast actually remain as delightful as it used to be. The beach stretches a few yards away from the green carpet made thick all year long by a constantly cool weather. Considering the popularized scare of the green hell, national parks scattered around Toamasina city serve as some sort of a controlled environment, in which regional species samples keep developing naturally, but in a safe way to visitors. The pole position might have eluded the region in terms of turnovers, but with such assets up its sleeve, even the GITH has ground to keep its chin up.