Wednesday , 22 March 2023
It is official. TIM, the presidential party, captures at least 110 seats out of 160. Unsurprisingly, the presidential coalition will occupy 3 out of 4 seats in the National Assembly. Nonetheless, new elections will be conducted in four congressional districts.

General elections – Official results confirm a TIM landslide victory

As expected, the official general election results published by the Malagasy Supreme Court confirm the presidential party?s crushing landslide victory. Theoretically, this gives President Ravalomanana the opportunity to proceed with a reorganization of his administration in the context of the new majority. The presidential party has captured 110 of the 160 seats available nationally. Additionally, the tri-partisan presidential coalition (TIM, RPSD, and AVI) has captured another block of 28 seats. The magnitude of this victory is such that the presidential coalition has captured all of the seats available in the province of Antananarivo, the new Malagasy president?s stronghold.

As for former dictator Didier Ratsiraka?s party, the primary opposition political entity, it has all but crumbled. The majority party within the former National Assembly, it will have to be content with a mere 3 seats this time around. TTS, a political association founded by Toamasina?s mayor, Mr. Rolland Ratsiraka, the former dictator?s nephew, managed to capture two seats. Some twenty seats went to self-proclaimed “independent” candidates, some of whom are nonetheless closely linked to AREMA, while others obviously have close ties to President Ravalomanana.

Due to irregularities, the Supreme Court has voided the results from 6 polling locations. Additional irregularities have also mandated new elections in 4 of the 160 congressional districts (Ihosy, Benenitra, Beloha, and Maintirano). No new candidates will be accepted during these partial elections; the Department of the Interior will once again be charged with organizing these elections.

As for the ministers who also ran, only one, Mr. Olivier Rakotovazaha, the current transportation minister, failed to capture a seat; he ran as an MFM party candidate, and represents MFM within the national reconciliation government.

The Supreme Court has received a total of 272 complaints from the 17,000 plus voting precincts of the entire territory. During a formal hearing conducted in a conference room at the Foreign Affairs Office, Mr. Jean-Michel Rajaonarivony, the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court was sure to point out that the official results by voting precincts will be available at the Courthouse, and will subsequently be posted at In the interest of the new open door policy, of course. We already know that the national, and international observers have largely approved the organization of the December 15 general elections.

Translated by J. F. Razanamiadana