Monday , 15 July 2024
Years never seem to reach twice the same conclusion. This year, for example, and more specifically its month of December, is vastly more essential than any former ones, for the stakes are high; in addition to the traditional look back on the year's achievements and on the political decisions' fallback on development, the very crucial presidential and legislatives elections are on the verge of shaping the whole island's fate. So, happy ending? Could do better? Could hardly be worse? everyone to his point, there is a lot worth speaking about.

Pay back

But not today. Let us merely skim through the most relevant issues surveyed by serious and internationally acknowledged studies:
In 2013, 7 Madagascans out of 10 do hold political parties as the most corrupted institutional groups of all; the Court, as the most corrupted state public institution of all, with the police departments and the rest of the public administration respectively claiming the second and third ranks in line. The World Bank values the national economy’s losses to US $ 8,000,000,000 over the latest 5 years (2009 – 2013). Child mortality reached 10,000 fatalities a year in 2012. Madagascar’s ruling power’s performance in good governance owed it the 118th rank out of 174. The score sheet is nowhere near to come to an end. Who could have thought that the 2013 school year would have been postponed twice in a row for lack of pupils? Unbelievable, is it? So what now? Of course it all has to stop, just as the culture of impunity has, mind you. The preservation of immunity actually happens to be the priority to the ruling power. No wonder that things go so bad and increasingly worse. Maybe it is high time to dare pointing at the responsible and give them their due retribution. Pressing charges before national or international courts remains naturally everything but easy for the time being. This we know to be true. Yet, should the incoming election not be the opportunity to voice our grudge and give change back? The general “let go – look away” mood has verily been much profitable – to them, not to us. What about getting a positive move on now for a change? Let us dare granting them what they deserve: let us vote the fair retribution