Monday , 22 April 2024


Reporter, good God, what a job!

Latest account: 1150 journalists for 22 million people! Are there enough of them? Should the focus rather lay on quality than on numbers? The new media landscape of Madagascar is by now on the making, first of all through the assignment of the valuable press card, then, through the erection of a new leading bureau to the order of journalists, and then through the scheduled draft of a new Code of Communication. But how do the concerned journalists actually assess their own profession? Read More »

Presidential debate: is the host, the TVM channel, up to the job at all?

The host's performance revealed by the course of the first TV broadcasted debate held on December 4th 2013 between the two finalists of the presidential election, Jean Louis Robinson and Hery Rajaonarimampianina, did not really constitute a cause for praises, did it? unfair political debate aside, the technical blunders impossibly concealed when broadcasting live were the laughing stock of the audience. Read More »

Pay back

Years never seem to reach twice the same conclusion. This year, for example, and more specifically its month of December, is vastly more essential than any former ones, for the stakes are high; in addition to the traditional look back on the year's achievements and on the political decisions' fallback on development, the very crucial presidential and legislatives elections are on the verge of shaping the whole island's fate. So, happy ending? Could do better? Could hardly be worse? everyone to his point, there is a lot worth speaking about. Read More »

Army generals and colonels appointed as region chiefs: another dubious achievement from Rajoelina

One mere month to the presidential election's second round, several region chiefs are fired, and getting replaced by armed forces' high ranking officers. It is naught but a violation of democratic basic principles. The appointment order for these army officers was issued by a Cabinet meeting; the decision, taken by the transitional leader and the transitional prime minister. Read More »

Harm set, harm get

In the very present time, in expectation of further temporary results of the on going presidential election's first round, some groups passionately following political matters up actually present mixed points concerning the turn of political events in Madagascar. Read More »

Outlook on the electoral campaign’s billions of Ariary at the disposal of the transitional leadership’s champion

The course of the presidential showdown clearly reveals the leading financial figure's name, namely candidate Hery Rajaonarimampianina. As such, the transitional ruling power's former favorite chancellor of the checker becomes the butt of his political adversaries' taunting jokes. The transitional former prime minister Camille Vital shot the sharpest pike by blaming some obscure money laundering operation on him. Meanwhile, the longer the electoral campaign develops, the larger the financial gap between well off and less well off candidates grows, as a matter of fact. Read More »

Vereinigten Nationen: Andy Rajoelina rechtfertigt seinen Putsch immer noch

"Alle guten Dinge sind drei". Es konnte in diesem Fall nach seinem Geschmack auch "alle gute Dinge sind fünf" gewesen. Der Anführer der Übergangsregierung hat sich nochmals vor den Vereinigten Nationen ausgedrückt um seinen Stempel als Putschist versuchsweise loszuwerden. Er machte Vorwürfe für die dem Putsch des Jahres 2009 in Madagaskar geweigerte Anerkennung, die ihm, so wie der Reihe arabischer Revolutionen, seiner Meinung nach, hätte zustehen sollen. Read More »

Terrorism, is it? Enough with fairytales

Makeshift explosive devices are basically expected to stir up sensation, even when they don’t go off. The concerned device could eventually have damaged a wall and easily caused some casualties. But does the threat really happen to be as serious as argued by security forces seemingly overwhelmed by the dangerously growing number of security issues? If it wasn’t, accordingly responding to a fictional threat would fortunately not take much on police forces overstretched enough as they are. Read More »

Could judges who have political interests ever be trusted

The Special Electoral Court has one week to restore the wanted new order. The short deadline would suggest that the completion of its mission would come up to peanuts. Yet, as per usual, the international mediation's recommendations are merely partly implemented since the year 2009's putsch. Once again, Andry Rajoelina has not kept his word and puts his money on an accomplished fact. But which one then? The Special Electoral Court provides with the answer. Read More »

Armed forces : the solution in Egypte, the problem in Madagascar

May the new Egyptian revolution remain as a lesson to the Malagasy who can no more rely on their armed forces commanded by high ranked officers devoted to a ruler whose rise to power was everything but democratic. All of the political spheres may brag a certain level of support in the armed forces, its top command firmly remains in Andry Rajoelina's corner as a matter of fact. Read More »